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Anaesthesiology is the medical branch which deals with the total perioperative care of patients before, during and after surgery. It consists of anaesthesia, intensive care medicine, critical emergency medicine, and pain medicine. A physician specialized in this field of medicine is called an anaesthesiologist. This department studies the use of anesthesia and anesthetics to safely support a patient's vital functions through the pre-operative period.

What our Anesthesiologists have to offer:

The Pushpanjali multispecialty hospital has a department of Anaesthesiology which operate on the most advanced, safe and patient-focused techniques in the delivery of anaesthetic care. Our team of extremely skilled and well-experienced anaesthesiologists focuses to give best quality patient care in the operation theatres as well as beyond it by optimizing pre-operative patient status and providing comprehensive patient care even after operation.

Types of Anaesthetics

Before any surgery, doctors will first give you a drug called ‘anaesthetic’ to reduce pain during surgical procedures. There are various types of anaesthesia which are used depending on factors like the procedure of surgery and one’s current health. There are four main types of anesthetics and they are:-

  • Local anesthesia: It is used to numb one small area of the body but it keeps you awake and alert during the surgery.
  • Conscious or intravenous (IV) sedation: It is used as a mild sedative to calm you and a pain medicine is used to relieve pain. You do not remember the surgery afterwards but you remain awake during procedure.
  • Regional anesthesia: It is used to restrict the pain in an area of the body.
  • General anesthesia: It works on whole body. You become unconscious and have no memory of the surgery performed

Pushpanjali multispecialty hospital uses good quality of anaesthetics which relieve your pain during surgery. The doctors and medical staffs are always available for a patient’s support and care. Our priority is your care and treatment before and after surgery.

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